PreK 2-3 Ms. Velez

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Good Morning!

Today is Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Theme: Growing and Changing

Language Arts

Letter of the week: Dd

Dan’s Dogs: Read with the letter d

D is for Dog craft

A Daring Adventure on “D” Island

Worksheet (email): what begins with D, trace and paste.

Letter D words
The letter D song
Dinosaur Playdate
The letter d book
“Dee Doodley Do”  
Get Squiggling Letter D


Calendar time: You can practice calendar here!

Numbers: Count 1-30 in English, 1-20 in Spanish. Here’s a video to practice numbers in Spanish from 1 to 20. 

Colors in Spanish 

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Comparing Weights!

comparing weight

Comparing weights of objects: Heavy and Light 

Wacky Ways to Compare Weight: How Heavy?

Worksheets (email): Comparing objects by weight


D is for Dinosaur

Watch the story “Dinosaur Bones” and learn all about dinosaurs!

Fossil Activity:

Use play-doh and dinosaur toys to create your own dinosaur fossil! Watch this video for ideas: DIY Dinosaur Fossil

Here’s another super easy way to make dinosaur fossils using salt dough: click here!


Story time with the Sisters: Mary, Mother of Jesus

May is the month we honor Jesus' mother, Mary. Practice with your child the Hail Mary prayer.

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Have fun learning!