PreK4 Mrs. Gibson


Welcome to PreK4! 


 "We are Building the Best with Kindness and Compassion."


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Thank you so much for all of your generous donations!


JUNE 16   Early Dismissal 11:30am
JUNE 17   PreK/Kindergarten Closing 9:30am

Our Closing Program/Graduation will be
in the gym that morning at 9:30 a.m. 

The students do not have to wear the school uniform that day.

Students should come to school dressed in their "Sunday Best" meaning collared shirt for boys and a dress or dressy outfit for girls. All students should come at the regular time that morning so we can prepare for the program.  Dismissal for all PreK students will be directly from the gym at the conclusion of the program.

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Thank you so much for all your help
and understanding throughout this especially challenging school year.
It's certainly been difficult, but well worth the effort to enjoy each day being in our classroom TOGETHER. :) 


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Welcome to PreK4! 


 "We are Building the Best with Kindness and Compassion."


June 11 Field Day
June 11 Summer Birthday Celebration
June 16 Early Dismissal 11:30am
June 17 PreK/Kindergarten Closing 9:30am

Field Day is this Friday! :) 

Please have your child wear a STORM/BMc T shirt
Bishop McHugh colors of
white, greenor gold

We will be outside most of the day, please apply sunscreen/bug spray before school that morning.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand
is still going strong this week!

Please send in your donation to school or on
BMc's donation page. 
Thank you to all who have already made a donation!

Our Big Day for PreK Theme is

Our Religion Focus.... We are learning the Hail Mary, Our Father and about taking care of Our World

Our Story Focus.... Weather, What the Wind Blew, The Little Cloud, What Will the Weather Be Today?

Our Writing/Letter Focus.... Identify and write the letter Ww. Keeping our eyes and ears open for words that begin with the letter Ww; writing our I Can Read sentences

Our Math Focus.... Counting by 2s and 10s. Identifying, ordering, and writing # 1-10; one on one correspondence up to 20, continue counting from 1-30, groups of 10, problem solving, Reviewing Shapes (Square, Rectangle, Rhombus (Diamond), Heart, Oval, Octagon, Triangle) and the calendar including days of the week, month, and year. 

Our Science/Social Studies Focus... Watching and waiting for our seeds to grow, while learning about the Weather; Water activities and Water Ice treats

Our Music Focus.... With My Own Two Hands,You are My Sunshine, Thank You Song


- Before/After Care Program…. Please write me a note if you'd like your child to stay.

- Please provide a reusable water cup/bottle and a healthy snack daily.

- Please provide a healthy lunch including a napkin and utensils (if needed).


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or 609 425-1144