Differentiation to Enrich & Support

Freckle is a classroom-based program used in many classrooms which supports high-achieving students and those needing support, plus everyone in-between, through differentiated instruction. 

STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Math) 
promotes higher-order thinking skills in many ways. This includes, but is not limited to, classroom extensions, project-based learning experiences, STREAM Fair (grades 6-8), experiences with our STREAM Garden/ Outdoor Classroom, and more.  

STAR Assessments
are the most comprehensive interim and formative assessment tool available on the market. Therefore, we administer STAR Assessments to our students in reading and/or math, approximately three (3) times per school year in grades 1-8. This allows us to teach to what each child needs.  

Blended Learning 
is a new paradigm that our teachers are reading and learning more about for the purposes of creating additional innovative learning opportunities for our students.  

For new student evaluation, DRA2+
is the newest version of the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA). DRA is implemented to diagnosis reading exceptionality and/or difficulties. DRA Word Analysis is an additional component of DRA which can be initiated which primary grade children to design phonic instruction. 

In terms of academic support, we offer special services plus academic intervention programs to meet the needs of our learners.

Homework club is open to middle school students on a weekly basis. It is run by classroom teachers and has become a very popular way for students to receive support within the school day and/ or right after school.

Intervention approaches allow for the ongoing monitoring of an individual student's areas in need of support and will encourage a parent/school partnership. 

Intervention meetings
allow teachers to work collaboratively as a team with the child's parents/ guardians to help him/her meet with success. 

Child Study Team services include a Case Manager, Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, Basic Skills Instructor, a Reading Specialist, and a Speech Language Pathologist.  

Accommodation plans and Individualized Service Plans (ISPs) allow us to service a wide-range of needs. 

Interested in learning more about any of the innovative learning, enrichment and support programs? 
Please contact (609) 624-1900, ext. 2.