7th Homeroom /6-7th ELA/ 6-7th S.S. Miss Meola

Hello, and welcome to Miss Meola's class page! Here you will find a brief synopsis of what we are covering in each class, along with the homework for each week! 


Following are some notes and reminders: 

7th grade: Be sure to check your specials teachers pages, as they have left assignments for you to complete over the course of distance learning. 

Don't forget to order your yearbooks for this memorable 2019/20 school year! 

*** All assignments are posted to our google classroom page daily at 7:30am.***

Today is MAY 28, 2020 below are the assignments for today! Make sure to check google classroom for the ZOOM links.

Sixth Grade

For 6th grade FRIDAY zoom office hours from 11-11:45. Pop in for help with ELA or S.S.

In Language Arts,  

Thursday-  Ixl assignment found on google classroom. 

In Social Studies, 

Thursday-    Salem webquest on google classroom. 

Seventh Grade

7th grade zoom office hours are from 10:15- 11am on FRIDAYS. Pop in for help in ELA or S.S.

In Language Arts, 

Thursday- Ixl  assignment on google classroom. 

In Social Studies,

Thursday-  We are going to begin to learn about and discuss the economic and political justifications and oppositions behind states rights to own slaves in the 1800's. Please look to google classroom where you will find specific textbook reading and questions! 

Material and homework are both subject to changes.