1st Grade: Ms. Votta

       Ms. Votta's Fabulous Firsties

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Dear Parents,
We had a great first week of school. Please put any notes in your child's folder for me. If you ever have any questions please email me at cvotta@bishopmchugh.com. 


- Children must bring their own lunch every day, and the same thing with a snack. There will be no snack cart this year.

- No masks with valves or masks that go around the neck. The dismissal this week is 2:21.

-The entrance for 1st grade will be at the A-wing entrance near the garden. Please note that we will have temperature checks, and you may walk your child to the entrance door, but you can not come into the building to drop them off in the classroom. 

                                               Tuesday: Gym
                                          Wednesday: Spanish 
                                       Thursday: Music and Art

                                             Look at our week:

Math: We will be working on our addition skills.

Reading: We will be reviewing a couple of different sight words and various sounds that they learned last year.

Writing: We will be working on labeling and writing things that are familiar to us.

Religion: We will be learning about God and what it means to pray.

Social Studies: We will be learning about rules and our community.

Science: We will be learning about what it means to be a scientist.

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