1st Grade: Ms. Votta

           Ms. Votta's Fabulous Firsties

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   Dear families,
         You can find all of the assignments of the day on google classroom. Please look on this page every day at 8:00 am for the day's assignments. If you have any questions, please email me at cvotta@bishopmchugh.com.

Thank you,
Ms. Votta

                                        Monday: Tech Lab and Gym
                                        Tuesday: Art
                                        Wednesday: Spanish 
                                        Thursday: Music 
                              Distance Learning Plan
Today is Thursday, May 28th
Number of school days: 163

Today's Morning Message:
   Good morning! Please check this page every day at 8:00 am to see the assignments for the day, and don't forget the zoom meeting at 10:00 am. Families, please look on google classroom for all of the assignments. Please still email pictures of the assignments. This is when you will do the morning work. You can either submit it on Google Classroom, screenshot it, or scan it and send it to me. It is what is easier for you. The question of the day is, "What's the best thing about going to the doctor? What's the worst thing about going?" Please write the question and answer in your notebook. Thank you, and keep up the great work.

- Yearbook on sale for $28.00 (Due June 12th)
- Field Day Tuesday, June 2nd (rain date: Wednesday, June 3rd)
-Last Day of School Tuesday, June 16th
- Books/Belongings Pick up and Drop off
      - Thursday, June 11th, 7:30 am-6:00 pm
      - Friday, June 12th, 7:30 am- 1:00 pm
      - Monday, June 15th, 7:30 am- 1:00 pm
      - Tuesday, June 16th, 7:30 am- 1:00 pm

Today's objectives/ assignments:

Objectives: The students will be able to partition shapes into two or four equal shares and identify how many parts there are in the whole.

Assignments: The students will watch a video about equal parts. Then the students will complete pages 681-686 in their math books. Then they will practice on abcya.com.

Assignment: Please see the teacher's website.

Reading/ Spelling:
Objectives: The students will be able to identify the prefix re-.

Assignments: The students will write their spelling words in ABC order. Then they will complete pages 107-108 in their word workbook. The students will read a story of their choice. The students will practice fluency, and they will read it themselves. The students will complete a task on Raz-kids or their choice board.


  • Class Code: CVotta
  • Password: Duck

Spelling Words: loud, cloud, proud, found, round, sound, town, clown, brown, frown.

Think about Questions:

  • What is the beginning, middle, and end?
  • Why did the author write the story?
  • What is the problem and solution in the story?

Objectives: The students will be able to write letters to next year's class.

Assignments: The students will write a letter to next year’s students using the sheet in Google Classroom.

Social Studies:
The students will be able to identify hoe families change over time.

Assignments: The students will read pages 137-139 in their textbook. Then they will complete pages 80 in their notebook. 


Objectives: The students will be able to identify various prayers.
Assignments: (Daily) The students will have a 3-minute retreat time, and then they will reflect on the retreat. The students will copy the prayer from yesterday on the new prayer page and then they will color it.



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