Distance Learning

Introduction to Distance Learning

We are using a blended learning approach that includes both digital and non-digital assignments. Each day’s work will feature a session’s worth of Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Religion. Specials’ teachers (Art, Music, Phys. Ed., and Spanish) will provide an assignment for students once a week or for a two-week duration. 

Elementary/ Middle School

In total, each K-8 student will be given about four hours of distance learning school work per day, adjusted as necessary for students’ learning abilities. Care will be taken to diversify assignments so that students are engaged in a variety of assignment types (e.g., digital interactive, watching videos, conducting projects, completing written math practice, making observations of nature, reading a novel, and/or writing a reflection or journal). Some of the approaches will include things such as assignment packets, Google Classroom, and/or other apps for learning, depending of course on the child’s grade level.  


Through partnering with parents/guardians, our preschool students will be given age-appropriate distance learning activities which reinforce concepts that they are learning.