1st Grade: Ms. Votta

       Ms. Votta's Fabulous Firsties

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Dear Parents,
We had a great first week of school. Please put any notes in your child's folder for me. If you ever have any questions, please email me at cvotta@bishopmchugh.com. 


- Children must bring their lunch every day, and the same thing with a snack. There will be no snack cart this year.

- No masks with valves or masks that go around the neck
-Picture Retakes Tuesday, January 12

                                                Monday: Library
                                               Tuesday: Gym
                                          Wednesday: Spanish 
                                         Thursday: Music and Art

                                             Look at our week:

Math: We will be working on our subtraction skills to 20.

Group A:
- Monday: Chapter 4 Lesson 7
- Tuesday: Fluency Practice
- Wednesday: Chapter 5 Lesson 1
- Thursday: none

Group B:
Monday: Chapter 2 Lesson 6
Tuesday: none
Wednesday: Chapter 3 Lesson 7
Thursday: Chapter 3 Lesson 8

Reading: We will be working on CVCe pattern.  

- Monday: Reading Log
- Tuesday: Reading Log
- Wednesday: Reading Log
- Thursday: Reading Log

Spelling: game, same, ride, side, said, only, you, out, of, here
Group A:
Monday: 3x each
Tuesday: ABC order
Wednesday: Rainbow words
Thursday: 3 sentences

Spelling: probably, main, real, idea, free, few, blue, Mr., follow, care
Group B:
Monday: 3x each
Tuesday: ABC order
Wednesday: Rainbow
Thursday: 3 sentences

Writing: We will be working on informative writing.

Religion: We will be learning about the 3 wise men.

Social Studies: We will be working on how to read maps.

Science: We will be learning about the various elements of the earth and the weather.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again! The Netflix Reboot is Here! - Viva Veltoro

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