PreK4 Mrs. Gibson


Welcome to PreK4! 


 "We are Building the Best with Kindness and Compassion."


"I" is for Inauguration
May God Bless America as we welcome our new President!


Jan. 18 School closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 
Jan. 31-Feb 5 Catholic Schools Week


Our Big Day for PreK Theme is Our Community

The goal of this theme is to have children develop a sense of responsibility in their daily lives while learning good citizenship.

Our Religion Focus.... Jesus is Our Shepherd 

Our Story Focus.... ABC Drive, Courageous People Who Changed the World, I’m Your Bus, Itsy Bitsy SpiderKnuffle Bunny, & Beautiful Hands

Our Letter Focus....  Identify the letter "Ii".
Investigate the room playing "I spy..."; using the letter "Ii" seeing and hearing words that begin with "Ii".

Our Writing Focus.... Practice letter writing skills such as right vs. left, tracing, pulling down, sliding right and curving to make Upper and Lower case “Ii”. We will continue to work on writing our first names (UPPERCASE). "I Can Read” sentences.

Our Math Focus.... Read simple maps using direction and position words, sorting and counting, continue working on counting from 1-20, problem solving, and the calendar including days of the week, a new month, and year.

Our Science Focus.... Investigate Ice and the Water Cycle; discover ways we enjoy the Season of Winter 
Our Social Studies Focus.... Martin Luther King, Jr., the Inauguration, discuss how community workers such as nurses, teachers, firefighters, doctors and police officers, keep us safe, and how to be respectful of and appreciate them.

Our Music Focus.... Introduce our “Graduation” song With My   Own 2 Hands by Jack Johnson

Important Notes...

- Recess will be outside unless below 36 degrees, so please be sure your child wears a warm coat, hat and mittens.

- Before/After Care Program…. Please write me a note if you'd like your child to stay.

- Please provide a reusable water cup/bottle and a healthy snack daily.

- Please provide a healthy lunch including a napkin and utensils (if needed)..

- Please provide 1 Extra change of clothes, including socks and underwear, in a large, labeled Ziploc bag. This may be kept in your child's backpack for easy access.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or 609 425-1144