PreK 2-3 Ms. Velez

Hi everyone! Welcome to PreK 2-3 class! :)

January 19-22, 2021.
Theme: Seasons All Around

Language Arts


Keely Kangaroo
Our new letter of the week is letter Kk! K is for Karlyn, kite, king, kangaroo...

Calendar: months of the year and days of the week - Counting: 1 to 20 (English), 1 to 15 (Spanish) - Ordinal numbers

We will continue learning about the four seasons of the year and how weather affects the environment.

K is for Kindness
What Does It Means To Be Kind? - Kindness to Share from A to Z
Social Studies

"I Have a Dream"

- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day discussion



- Catholic Schools Week: January 31-February 6, 2021.