2nd Grade: Mrs. Freeman


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Monday Mar. 30, 2020
Good Morning Second Grade!


Teacher Strategies:

Jesus Offers the Gift of Himself

pages 120–121

‚Äč***Do the Three Minute Retreat DAILY**
Link below highlighted in blue.
Three Minute Retreat:
Copy and past the link below into your browser:


This will enable the students to have three minutes of thoughtful prayer each day.

Stations of the Cross youtube:
(For Fridays; copy and paste into browser)


Link to Religion Book:

Teacher Strategies:

Students will review Mental Math.

Complete the worksheet from the packet that was sent home.

-adding 10 more, subtracting 10 less

-adding 100 more, subtracting 100 less


Language Arts:

TO ALL GROUPS: Please make sure to use your neatest writing and to start all sentences with a capital letter and end with proper punctuation! You need to be aware of how you are completing your work! (Pretend I am looking over your shoulder and asking, "Is that your neatest work?") :) 

Black Panther 9:30-10:00
Captain America 10:15-10:45
Captain Marvel 11:00-11:30


Captain Marvel: Wagon Wheels

*This book is historical fiction, which means that it is a fictional story, but based on history. The author wasn't there and didn't hear the conversations, so she wrote what she imagined it may have been.

*We will read pages 48-53 together!

*Practice p. 19

Panther-a large, black cat that lives in the wild.

Coyote-a small, wolf-like animal.

Rattlesnake-a poisonous snake that make a rattling sound by shaking its tail.

Captain America: Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Takes Off

*This book is superhero fantasy, which has people that 
could be real, but has events that could not occur in real life.

*We will read pages 56-59 together!

*Practice Page 19

*New words:

No new words today

Black Panther: What Really Happened to Humpty?

*This is a fairy tale based on a well known nursery rhyme. Fairy tales are a type of fantasy story and include characters, events, or settings that could not exist in real life.

*This is a re-imagined story based on the original nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty".

*Read pages 24-26

*Practice Page 19

*New words:

No new words


***Write one sentence for the underlined words only!!

head   meant   ready   vacation  position   picture

bread   heavy  action   question   future  adventure



If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you like to go? Why?Remember to open your paragraph with part of the question! Write a 3-4 sentence paragraph.

**Please make sure to write neatly and skip lines!


Diorama presentations will be Tuesday and Wednesday via ZOOM. All students should attend both days at 9:30. This will count as Language arts and Science for both of those days!

Speaking and listening are very important! Please be prepared to ask questions when others are presenting and to answer them when it is your turn to present. Be a courteous participant, which means not talking and paying close attention.

Cape May County Zoo Virtual Zoo School continues daily at 11:30 a.m. on their FACEBOOK page. If you have Facebook available to you, it will be a fun way for your children to learn more about animals, and their habitats! It may be helpful to the diorama project they will be completing!

**Each student was given a two page handout for a small project. They are to create a diorama based on an animal they choose in the habitat they were assigned. I would like to take a moment to reiterate that they (or you) need not stress about supplies! Please be very creative and use what you may have around the house, or out in the yard to help complete it! I want them to have some fun in addition to their learning. Perhaps take some time to look short videos up on youtube to help them to decide what they would like to do. 


Social Studies:

Explore - Changes to Our Environment

We use our environment for things we need and want. We use land to grow food. We use water to drink, cook, and clean.

**Interactive Notebook p. 32


Interesting websites:

  Free online video from children's book authors:


20 virtual 
Field Trips to take with your children:


Just for fun from Disney World!!:


Big List of Children's Book Authors Doing On-Line Read Alouds!


100 Free Disney coloring pages!