PreK 2-3 Ms. Velez

Welcome to PreK 2-3! :)

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Good Morning!
Today is Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Theme: Let's Move!

Language Arts

Our new letter of the week is: Letter Hh

H is for…

Look at the pictures below, say their names and listen to the H sound:



Do you know more words with the letter h?


Trace the letter H 

Circle the pictures that begin with the letter H 



Calendar time: Month and days of the week. You can practice calendar here.  

Numbers: count 1-25 in English, 1-15 in Spanish. Here's a video to practice your numbers in Spanish!

H is for Hunt!


Today I'm bringing you another super fun scavenger hunt game to practice numbers and colors. Are you ready?

  • Find 4 yellow blocks and 2 pennies. How many items do you have now? Take away 2 blocks, how many items are left?
  • Find 3 spoons, 2 books and 1 purple crayon. How many items do you have all together?
  • Find 4 socks and 2 stuffed animals. How many items do you have all together?
  • Find 2 pencils and 1 blue crayon. How many items do you have now?
  • Find 5 crackers. Eat 3 of them. How many are left?


is for Healthy Habits

Learn about germs and how they spread!

Parents: Here's a cool experiment to teach the little ones the importance of washing our hands to keep the germs away: Hand Washing Experiment


Annie and Ben will teach you how to maintain proper hygiene to stay healthy and away from germs: Healthy Habits


Help the monster brush his teeth: Brush Those Teeth 

Grow some healthy fruits and vegetables: Grow Your Colors



The Easter Story: watch this video to learn the true meaning of Easter day.


- Here’s a super fun Easter Indoor Scavenger hunt to try at home. 

- Holy Week activities blog.

Have Fun Learning!