Pre-K 3

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                                              Pre-K3 Week Ahead                                                                                            May 14, 2018
                              Theme of the Week: Growing and Changing

Religion: We will
 discuss how to be a good friend at home and at school.

Math: We will practice number recognition with games on the Smartboard.


Language Arts: We will read the stories "We Can!" and "The Ugly Duckling". We will learn the letter Kk for our Alphafriend Keely Kangaroo.

Our “Show and Share”  is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please have your child bring something that begins with the letter Kk.


Reminders:  The children will be receiving their final Report Card. It does not need to be returned. We will make a copy for our office records. Please contact me if you would like to have a conference before the end of the year.

Mark your calendars; Friday May 18 is the Annual Golf Outing, Friday May 25 is the May Procession and dismissal is at 11:15. Monday May 28 there is no school.

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