Mrs. Laricks

                      8TH GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS  

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small compared to what lies within us."
                                                       -Ralph Waldo Emerson

                                SEPTEMBER 25-29, 2017

    Mark Twain Performance at SIC Library
    Monday 9/25, 6-7pm
School Pictures Thursday, 9/28
Good Luck to the Cross Country and Soccer Teams! GO STORM!

This week we will begin to analyze the various forms and elements of fiction. We will begin with the short story, "Raymond's Run." Students should also continue to read their IR novels for at LEAST 20 minutes per evening.

ALL "Raymond's Run" Work (packet & text questions) is due Friday, 9/29
"Raymond's Run" Test on Friday, 9/29
Finish IR Novels by Monday, 10/2
Complete TWO IR Journal entries by Friday, 10/6

"Raymond's Run" Work:
         Pages 15 & 16 due Wednesday, 9/27
         Pages 17 & 18 due Thursday, 9/28
         Pages 19 & 20 AND Textbook page 41 Questions #1, 4, 5 &7          due Friday, 9/29  
"Raymond's Run" Test on Friday, 9/29
Finish 3/4 IR Novel by Monday, 10/2
Complete ONE IR Journal entry by Friday, 10/6                                 

September Project of the Month-- Kindness & Compassion Quotes
* Response Paper (300-350 words) due Friday, 9/29
* See sheet for guidelines

NewsELA Requirements
* Sign in with Google
* Read ONE article per week
*Complete ONE quiz per week
* Due by Friday of EACH week
* 15% of Reading Grade

This week we will focus on Unit 8 vocabulary terms.

* Unit 8 exercises (pages 103-107) due Thursday, 9/28
* Complete TWO online quizzes and email to by Friday, 9/29
* Unit 8 Quiz Friday, 9/29

Exercises in English
This week's focus is on adjectives.  We will be reviewing the position of adjectives, demonstrative, interrogative and indefinite adjectives. We will also review comparative and superlative adjectives and adjective phrases.
* ALL adjective exercises due Thursday, 9/28
* Adjective Quiz Thursday, 9/28
* Adjective Test Monday, 10/2

*Grammar page 13 due Tuesday, 9/26
* pages 14 & 15 due Wednesday, 9/27
* pages 16 & 17 due Thursday, 9/28
* pages 18, 19 & 20 due Friday, 9/29
* Adjective Test on Monday, 10/2

8A & 8P
This week we will focus on writing our rough drafts of our Courage Personal Narrative Essays. We will also begin to brainstorm and compose our essays for The Patriot's Pen Essay Contest.

* Courage personal narrative rough draft due Wednesday, 9/27
* Final Drafts due Friday, 9/29

Patriot's Pen Essay Contest-- "America's Gift to My Generation"
* Final Drafts due Friday, 10/20