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Mrs. B's Classes...

Math 8, Algebra I, Physical Science 8, Life Science 7, and Earth Science 6.

Homework will be found on this page. It is subject to changes periodically, because of schedule changes.

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This year, students will create a STREAM project in place of a science fair project.     www.billnye's .com  

Physical Education/ Health Curriculum Update

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Week of April 23 - 27, 2018  

Science - 7
Monday - Complete your Offspring Model lab/ Begin your worksheet on Multiple alleles
Tuesday - Study Guide 4.2 Quiz Wednesday
Wednesday - Coat Coloring Text page 116 Questions and Challenge, notwebook.
Thursday -Study Vocabulary on text page 117 left side
Friday  - Enjoy Your weekend!!!

Science - 8

Mon - Paragraph on how the periodic table is like a map.

Tuesday - Classify elements worksheet- explain why you chose that classifcation.

Wednesday - Lab Radioactivity - Due Friday, April 27 

Thursday  - Text page 32 1.3 # 1-6.

Friday - 
Enjoy your weekend

 Algebra I

Monday -  Text page 180 # 4- 14 evens, notebook

Tuesday -  Workbook page 96, all 

Wednesday - Text page 183 # 8-11 all, notebook
Thurs - Worksheet page 47

Fri.- Enjoy your weekend

Math 8

Mon. -  Text page 125 all, notebook

Tuesday - Study section 3.3 Quiz Wednesday

Wednesday.- Enjoy your afternoon

Thursday - Activity #2 page 127 Draw a picture and all other parts of the activity.

Fri.- Enjoy your weekend!

Earth Science - 6

Monday -  Study Chapter test Tuesday, April21, 2018

Tuesday -  
Foldable Chapter 1 page 38 - Due Thursday

Wednesday - Draw and Label the layers and parts of the Earth- On the back write a description of all parts that you labeled. 

Thursday - Planet Project - Due Tomorrow
Friday - 
Enjoy Your Weekend