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the home of 7th & 8th grade LA, 
8th grade Religion, and 

the Rising class of 2017!

Religion 8- Lent
Living Stations
8th Grade will practice for Living Stations 
to be performed on Wed. April 12 at 10:30.

Journal III- Write from another POV due March 30

Confirmation Update-
Congratulations to Liam Grimes, Alyia Gray-Rivera,
& Gemma Ciabatoni
who recently received the Sacrament of Confirmation
at  St Maximilian Kolbe

May 18   Confirmation for St Joseph, Our Lady of the Angels,   
               St Brendan the Navigator

Reading 8A (A Team)  & Reading 8P (Power Rangers)  
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Read the remainder of TKM by March 27

Final packet-- plot and theme analysis due March 29
To Kill a Mockingbird Test March 30
Theme Analysis- due April 7.

Vocab/Spelling-   Unit 10 work due April 6
                           Unit 10 online quizzes due April 7.
                           Unit 10 quiz on April 10.

Quote of the Month- In honor of Women's History Month,
choose a quote by a famous woman who is at least 70 years old
due March 31.

Reading 7

Preview Holocaust studies by March 29.
Write a Eulogy for Sam for 3/28

Read first third of
 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne or
 Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli 

- Unit 1-3 
 Quiz and online quizzes due March 27

Unit 4 vocab work due April 6
Unit 4 online quizzes and quiz due April 7
Quote of the Month-  In honor of Women's History Month
choose a quote by a female (who was born before 1947).
Respond with special attention to the women in students' lives.

NewsELA Requirements
Grade 8- Read article and complete quiz each week.
Grade 7- Read article and complete quiz each week.

Writing 8P & 8A
Grammar- Use of Gerunds (8P) and Noun Clauses (8A) as Nouns

8A pp 117, 118, 119,120, 121 for homework
8P pp 66, 67, 68, 69, 70

Order of Importance Writing

Research for High School Choice Essay
Draft of High School choice essay due 3/24
Final piece due 3/30

Writing 7P & 7A    
Research Paper- Research a Revolutionary  War Hero
First draft of paper due 3/24
Work Cited page due 3/28
Final draft due 3/30

Grammar 7P & 7A-

Sentence Structure and Clauses
Types of sentences pp 126, 127, & 128 by March 28
Subordinate conjunctions p.136 by March 29 
Adverb clauses pp. 119  by March 30
Adjectival clauses p. 116 by March 31
Complex sentences p. 129 by April 4
Clauses quiz on April 6

All students should read for at least 20 minutes a night.



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