8th Grade Language Arts & Advanced Language Arts: Mrs. Laricks

"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you."
          -Ralph Waldo Emerson

            January 27-31, 2020


" A good school provides a rounded education for the whole person. And a good Catholic school, over and above this, should help all its students to become saints."  --Pope Benedict XVI

* Jersey Day is Tuesday, 1/28 (bring donation)
* Red, White and Blue Dress Down on Wednesday, 1/29
* Grandparent/Special Person Day is Thursday, 1/30
* Closing Mass on Friday, 1/31 at 10am
* Graduation Quote Paper due Friday, 1/31 (PRINTED OUT)
* Baby Pictures are due February 7th
* Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee is Wednesday, February 19th at 6pm
* Go STORM Basketball!

 We will begin to study civil rights and segregation as a preparation for reading Harper Lee's novel, To Kill a Mockingbird.

8th LA (Period 2)
* IR Novel Journal due on Google Classroom on Tuesday, 1/28
* Read Chapter 1 of TKM and answer questions in marble notebook for Tuesday, 2/04

8th ADVANCED LA (Period 4)
Of Mice and Men Journal due on Google Classroom on Tuesday, 1/28
* Finish reading Of Mice and Men by Friday, 1/31
Of Mice and Men Test on Friday, 2/07
* Read Chapter 1 of TKM and answer questions in marble notebooks for Tuesday, 2/04

January Project of the Month
Graduation Quote-- refer to handout
Due by Friday,  January 31st


This week we will be focus on Spelling Bee List #2
* Three Paragraph Creative Story using AT LEAST 20 words due on Wednesday, 2/05
* Quiz on random 25 words Friday, 2/07

Exercises in English
 We will continue our study of verbs. This week we focus on verb tenses (simple, progressive and perfect).

We will continue researching saints for our Confirmation Saint Research Papers. Students will follow the research process to produce a biographical research paper on their Confirmation Saint.
* Rough Drafts (PRINTED OUT with COVER) due Tuesday, 2/04