7th Homeroom/6-7th LA/6-7th SS: Mr. Bingaman

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Sixth Grade
Spelling Cards are due Wednesday
Magic Show Tricks- "What is your Trick?"

Social Studies
Finish- "This Day in History-  due Thursday- at the latest

Seventh Grade-
Spelling Cards are due Wednesday
Magic Show Tricks- Get your ideas together.
This Day in History Projects are due Thursday

What is the BIG Idea?
Are you a good neighbor?
Listen to Dr. Martin Luther King's Sermon about the "Good Samaritan."
Check Google Classroom for Link

Grade 7
Language Arts

Spelling And Vocabulary Words- Unit 1
Use the following words for spelling and vocabulary.
1. adjacent
2. alight
3. barren
4. disrupt
5. dynasty
6. foretaste
7. germinate
8. humdrum
9. hurtle
10. insinuate
September 30th
11. interminable
12. interrogate
13. recompense
14. renovate
15. resume
16. sullen
17. trickle
18. trivial
19. truce
20. vicious

Spelling Directions
Sept. 23, 2019

1.  Word cards are due Wednesday.
2.  Tests will be given every Friday.
Weeks that we are not in school Friday, we will have the test Thursday.
3.  Must complete at least two on-line quizzes each week.  Submit your scores to my e-mail.   Do more for E.C. 
4. Do not throw away your cards.
5.  All tests must be signed. 
   6.  Keep this card