7th Grade Homeroom & Religion, Grades 6-7 Language Arts, and Grade 6 Social Studies: Mrs. Karayiannis

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May Procession is on Monday, May 20th.
Procession will start at 9:45 followed by Mass.
All are welcome!

We need tissues!  If you are able to, please send in a box or two. 
We have a lot of runny noses.  

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6th Grade Specials
Monday - Art
Tuesday - Gym
Wednesday - Spanish
Thursday - Music

7th Grade Specials
Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Art
Wednesday - Spanish
Thursday - Music


Religion 7th Grade

7th Grade Language Arts

Monday Night -  EE pg 98
Tuesday Night - EE pg 99, 100
Wednesday Night  - Review 
Thursday Night  - Open book Test

Starting Story Telling Unit

Reading Log due Friday

Please get post-its for annotating,
your student needs them!

Spelling lesson 6 
Voc pages due Thursday  75-79 due next Wednesday
two online quizzes due Friday
Quiz Friday

Final Literary Analysis due Friday
6th Grade Language Arts


Spelling lesson 12
Voc. pages due Thursday 151-155 due next Wednesday
Friday - two online quizzes
Friday - Voc. quiz

Grammar - 

Monday - EE pg 93 
Tuesday - EE page 94
- EE page 95,96
Thursday - EE review 
Open book test next Monday


Final Literary Analysis Due Friday


Starting Story Telling Unit
Friday - Reading Log Due

6th Grade Social Studies

Thursday  - Test on China's contact with the outside World
Current Event Due Friday

Please get post-its for annotating, 
your student needs them!