Kindergarten - Filippo

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                       Weekly Kindergarten Specials


Technology Lab-Tuesday


                                     Week of April 24th-28th

In Religion, we will discuss the death and resurrection of Jesus.  We will compare Jesus to a butterfly.  Jesus is our new life in Heaven.

In Math, we will be working on subtraction sentences.

In Reading, we will be creating sentences and illustrating them.  We will also explore a new program called MobyMax. 

In Science, we will discuss new life in Spring and the life cycle of a butterfly.  We will also talk about Earth day and learn a new song. 

Laps for Learning this Friday.  Gym Uniforms! 
Parents, Come and Cheer us on from 9:00-9:45.

Friday- Early Dismissal at 11:30.

Summer Camp Registration is Open for Pre-K and also for
Stream K-8 Summer Camps.  Registration due by May 15.