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“Peek at the Week”
February 20, 2018

We will take this short week to review and practice the letters and word families we’ve been learning in kindergarten. 
We will work on two high frequency words this week; one, two
We are still working on the Reading theme, “Let’s Play”.  We continue to identify characters and settings in the stories we share.

In Math, we’ll continue to practice counting and identifying numerals to 100.

In Religion, we’ll make a booklet to learn the Stations of the Cross.  Next time you go to your parish, look at the Stations in your own church.

In Social Studies, we’ll continue to talk about the Presidents of the United States and the symbols of our country. 




Friday, March 2nd
Students may dress as their 
favorite book character for school!

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Dear Students and Families,

          On Friday, Feb. 9th, under the direction of Team Mercy, we had a jersey day to raise money to help a young man named Kanen Keating-Wear. Your generosity was amazing! We raised $1,075! We were able to buy some Eagles items (Kanen’s favorite team!) and give the family gift cards to help out during his ongoing treatment. They are currently traveling to Philadelphia EVERY day, so it can get very costly for them. We cannot begin to thank you enough for your kindness, compassion, and willingness to help us help others.


Team Mercy    

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        TUESDAY – ART          Graphics 3d smileys            

       WEDNESDAY – COMPUTER    Computer mini graphics


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