Grade 1

** 04/24/17 Weekly reminders:** 

Re-Registration Reminder: Registration is open for the 2017-18 school year. Please register your student by March 31, 2017 to ensure a place in next year's class. 

- Summer Camp Registration is Now Open! Please click the link below to find out more about our PreK and STREAM K-8 Summer Camps. Registration is due by May 15.

- Friday, March 28th, is a half day! Please send your child in with snack or $0.75 to purchase a snack. 

Spelling Words: use, cute, cube, tube, tune, rule, nice, large, hear, talk 

MONDAY: 04/24/17
Spelling: 3 times each
Math: Review vocabulary terms for Chapter 9

TUESDAY: 04/25/17

Spelling: ABC Order
Math: WB Pg. 639-640

WEDNESDAY: 04/26/17
Spelling: Short sentences or pictures
Math: WB Pg. 645-646

THURSDAY: 04/06/17
Spelling: Fill in the blanks
Math: WB Pg. 651-652 and 657-658

Language Arts:
 We will be working on the long 'u' sound. Students will work on writing a report on an amazing animal. Guided Reading and Daily 5 groups will continue through the end of the year.

Students will begin chapter 9 and will be studying two-dimensional shapes. 

Students will learn about the importance of keeping our Earth safe. They will discover objects that sink and float. Lastly, they will craft their own boat out of aluminum foil. We will see how many pennies each boat can hold before sinking!

Social Studies: 
We will be learning how we can be good helpers to our family and friends. 

First Grade Specials:
Tuesday: SPANISH

Spring smileys