Exceed Programs: Enrichment and Support for all Learners

In addition to a rigorous curriculum, Bishop McHugh School offers Exceed Programs implemented as needed to provide further enrichment and/or support.  Several examples follow.  

DRA2+ is the newest version of the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA). DRA can be implemented to monitor, enrich, and support learners in reading assessment and instruction. 

DRA Word Analysis is an additional program initiated in the primary grades. Word Analysis helps tailor instruction for students, and provides teachers with an accurate tool to design phonic instruction.  

STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Math) paradigms include classroom extensions, project-based learning experiences, and a summer camp. For instance, after hearing of the need for summer course options for older students, our 2017 Summer Camp Program focused on STREAM through the lens of Art, Horticulture, and Robotics.   

Academic Support 
is offered via a special service and academic intervention program. For Supplemental education, our support personnel include a Case Manager, and Basic Skills Instructor, Learning Evaluators, a Reading Specialist, and a Speech and Language Specialist.   

Interested in learning more?  Please contact (609) 624-1900, ext. 2.