4th HR/Religion/Soc. St., 4th-5th LA: Ms. Wyrsta

  • ‚Äč Welcome

    Fourth Grade News!

  • STAR Assessments to begin week of September 23rd!

  • Religion Quiz #2 on Tuesday and Mercy Day Prayer Service on Tuesday @ 11 am.

  • 4th Grade Specials Schedule:
    Monday:        PE
    Tuesday:        Art & Library
    Wednesday:   Spanish 
    Thursday:      Music

    Weekly Reminders:

    Lunch Reminder: Every Monday is Bring Your Own Lunch Day!  
  • Snack Reminder: Snack is a daily routine in our school. Please bring in your own snack or you may purchase a snack for .50 cents. 

    Fourth Grade:

    Homework Week of September 23-27th

  • Monday: Spelling List # 3 practice page 12. 
  • Religion: Quiz #2 Tomorrow; use textbook page 16 to guide your studying.
  • Tuesday:
  • Social Studies: Textbook page 23-Answer questions 1, 2, 3,4, 6-In your binder.
  • Language Arts: Spelling Practice page 13.
  • Language Arts: Spelling worksheet page 14. 
  • Religion: Reflection questions in notebook. 
  • Thursday
  • Language Arts: Study Spelling Quiz # 2. 
  • Religion: Questions for Reflection-2 in your notebook.
  • Social Studies: Fill in the blank worksheet-Use textbook pages 26-29

     Fifth Grade Language Arts:

    Homework Week of September 23-27, 2019-Library every Wednesday!

  • Monday: Spelling List # 3 Worksheet pages 11. Vocabulary: Read Unit 3-Monarch Butterflies-Underline the context clues to define the highlighted word.  Sign All Quizzes and return to school! 
    Tuesday: Spelling-Page 12
  • Vocabulary: worksheet 
  • Wednesday: Spelling-Page 13 Grammar-Commas in compound sentences pages 7-8
  • Thursday:Spelling-Page 14 and Worksheet Sensory Details, please complete practice page and find your assignment on Google Docs due Monday 9/30! 
  • Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow!
  • Practice your spelling words. Quiz on Friday.
  • Friday: Complete assignment on Google Docs due on Monday!