Pre-K 3


                                              Pre-K3 Week Ahead                                                                                            May 21, 2018
                              Theme of the Week: Growing and Changing

Religion: We will
 discuss and review things we learned this year, the importance of prayer and listening to our parents. 

Math: We will practice number recognition with games on the Smartboard.


Language Arts: We have finished all of our Alphafriends so we will review them this week.

Our “Show and Share”  is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please have your child bring in a favorite stuffed zoo animal.


Reminders:  Mark your calendars; Friday May 25 is the May Procession and dismissal is at 11:15. Monday May 28 there is no school. June 5th is our Field Day and June 11 is our last day and Moving Up Celebration.




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