7th Homeroom /6-7th ELA/ 6-7th SS Ms. Meola

Hello, and welcome to Ms Meola's class page! Here you will find a brief synopsis of what we are covering in each class, along with the homework for each week! 


Following are some notes and reminders: 

7th grade: Be sure to check your specials teachers pages, as they have left assignments for you to complete over the course of distance learning. 

*** All assignments are posted to our google classroom page daily at 7:30am.***

Classwork/ Homework for the 
Week of March 30, 2020

Sixth Grade

In Language Arts,  

Monday-  Assignment will be available on google classroom at 7:30am 

Tuesday Check google classroom  

Wednesday ​ - ​Zoom meeting at 11am, details on google classroom 
Thursday   - Check google classroom

Friday  Check google classroom 

In Social Studies, 
Assignment on google classroom

Tuesday -   Check google classroom! 

Wednesday - Check google classroom!

Thursday  Google classroom 

Friday  assignment on google classroom 

Seventh Grade

In Language Arts, 


Monday -Assignment will be available on google classroom at 7:30am 

Tuesday- ​ Assignment will be available on google classroom at 7:30am 

Wednesday - Zoom meeting at 10:30, check google classroom 

Thursday- check google classroom 

Friday- Check google classroom

In Social Studies, 

Monday- Look at google classroom

Tuesday -  Assignment on google classroom 

Wednesday - Check google classroom! 

Thursday  Google classroom

Friday -  google classroom!

Material and homework are both subject to changes.