4th HR/Religion/Soc. St., 4th-5th LA: Ms. Wyrsta
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  • Fourth Grade: Daily Classwork Learning Assignments-All can be found on Google Classroom

    Friday-April 3, 2020

  • Religion: Beginning Unit 5-Beatitudes. Google classroom-Religion-Chapter 21-Textbook page 176

  • Language Arts: Now on ZOOM! Lessons Sessions-Please join your group at the time posted below: 

  • "One and Only Ivan"-8:30-9:00 am

  • "Wonder"-9:00-9:20 am

  • "Holes"-Today I have posted your work; we will not be meeting on Zoom! 

  • Writing Workshop: Today, you will have the opportunity to organize the websites you used for you research paper. Please go to Google Classroom-Writing Workshop

  • Social Studies-  TCI Workbook page 59.

  • Each day's assignments will be posted here starting at 8 am. In order to be accounted for as Present, students are required to submit their work at the end of the school day!

  •       5th Grade Language Arts: Daily Classwork Learning Assignments

  • Friday,April 3,2020

  • Language Arts: Zoom-Please see the invite in your G-Mail Accounts-Lessons Sessions-Please join your group at the time posted below:

    •  Maniac Magee-9:30-10:00 a.m

    • "Hoot"-10:10-10:30 am 

    • "Hatchet"-10:40-11:00 am

  • Writing Workshop: Today you will have an opportunity to work on your bibliography. Start with organizing your websites. Google Classroom-Writing W.

  • ​Fourth Grade Specials Schedule: M-PE, T-Art, W-Spanish, Th-Music