3rd Grade: Mrs. Massood

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The format of my web page will change daily to help facilitate online instruction. Assignments will be posted daily beginning at 8:00 a.m. All assignments will be due to me by 3:00 unless other accommodations need to be made.
You may send photos to me of your completed work to my email pmassood@bishopmchugh.com.

                       Good Morning! Today is Friday April 3, 2020

Share some good news with someone at home and I would like to hear your good news when we meet at 11:00 on Zoom.

Please think about our manners while on our Zoom meeting. One student at a time should be speaking so the rest of us should be on mute. Please do not eat while we meet. We would not be having a snack in the classroom while working at our desks. Thank you!

60s Free Clipart
Tonight would have been the Father Daughter Dance! Dress up and dance around the living room with dad, take pictures and send them to school and they can be put on the facebook page!

Religion-Please use the Stations of the Cross in your book on page 258. Spend time with Jesus on the Stations of the Cross for children.


Math-Daily Math Practice for Friday number 25

Math-You have worked very hard this week on your Math lessons. Today spend time on Freckle or abcya.

LA-Read pages 218-219 in your Anthology to learn more about animals Bottle nose Dolphins in particular.

Complete page 191 in your Reading/LA Practice Book.

               Don"t forget to keep your Reading Log current                    

Social Studies-Go to Epic! Finish reading Gittel’s Journey: An Ellis Island Story.  I would like to talk about the story during our Zoom meeting today.
                 https://www.getepic.com/ our class code is syd9493. 

Write answers to these questions and be ready to talk about the book when we meet today on Zoom.

  1. Write a few adjectives to describe how you would feel if you had to travel alone like Gittel did.
  2. Think about the reason Mama was not allowed to travel. Can you relate this to what we are all going through around the world now?
  3. How long was she on the ship?
  4. What was the big excitement on the deck of the ship? Who was the “she” they were all happy to see?
  5. What happened as soon as Gittel got to Ellis Island that we read about in our Social Studies book?
  6. How did the interpreter help Gittel find her Mama’s cousin?
  7. Did you like the book?

Science-We will discuss what you learned yesterday from the Mystery Science lesson during Zoom today so have your answers with you.

https://mysteryscience.com/ .  Scroll down to 3rd grade to the 30 minute lesson titled Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?  You do not need to make the booklet in the activity unless you want to. You will need a printer if you decide to make the booklet. I do want you to watch the whole video then answer 4 questions for me on a piece of paper.

  1. Name 2 ways animals in groups work together to help each other.
  2. How does weather affect some animals?
  3. Did you learn something new about animals?
  4. Think about Bat Loves the Night. Are the ways bats live similar to anything you learned about the animals in the lesson?

The Cape May County Zoo is doing a Virtual Zoo School everyday at 11:30 on their FACEBOOK page. It looks awesome!



¡Hola, 3!


Third Grade students should be able to recite the SIGN OF THE CROSS, and we continue to practice the OUR FATHER.

Third Grade students should be able to provide the following in Spanish:

  • count to 30 (treinta)
  • conversational greetings
  • identify colors
  • ·name the days of the week and months
  • likes/dislikes (Me gusta…)
  • say the date
    • Date:¿Cual es la fecha? Hoy es el 18 de marzo.
  • provide details about the weather
    • Weather:¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?Hace frío, hace sol, hace viento, está nublado.


In addition, please visit my teacher page on our school website.  I have provided very valuable supplemental online resources for Spanish practice.  The students love ABC Ya!  

Por favor…Please send in any completed work upon our return to school.  If our distance learning should extend beyond two weeks, I will be updating my Webpage as needed. 

Stay safe and be well, cuidate.  Muchas gracias por su ayuda, thank you.


Respira y piensa en positivo durante este tiempo.

Señora Catanoso

Art and Nature Walks for grades K-8th

Students will keep an art journal of the plants and animals they see on their walks. Students will attempt to identify their plants and animals through books and the internet. Students are encouraged to take pictures of their subjects (especially if they are moving), to help with the identification.

Students in each grade level who have the most drawings in their journals will win a prize.

                        Interesting websites:

           20 Virtual Field Trips to take with your Children





Wednesday-Spanish and Gym

Thursday-Music and Library