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Good morning!  :)
Today is Friday, April 3, 2020

"Let us begin as we begin all things....

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen"


Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.
(Do you remember where to put your right hand?)
"Ready? Salute."


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
and to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all.

                                               GOD BLESS AMERICA

* We hope you will join us for a ZOOM Story
on Friday at 3:00pm!


Hello Song
Parents: After saying "Hello" to our friends, we have our morning meeting for 5-10 minutes where students share news with the class, read the class name tags, and choose their centers.

Calendar Time J Here is a cute calendar activity that your child should be able to do fairly independently after some help/modeling by you. There are also a limited # of games, stories, and activities that are all educational, fun and free for your child.

*Remember to wash your hands often!
 And when you do, sing the ABC Song 
before washing off the soap. :)

Our Big Day for PreK Theme is Awesome Animals! 

Classroom Password : MBWGibson


Our Religion Focus... Preparing the Way for Easter

Bible Story


I found this “Easter Advent” idea (link above) that I thought would be a nice family activity to do together as we prepare for Easter.

The activities can be printed out from the links below or easy enough to write your own on index cards and kids can color. 

There are 8 activities to enjoy during our final days of Lent if you want to check them out ahead of time. I plan to post each activity for our Religion lessons leading up to Easter.

Activity Cards

Day 1 Activity.... 
Create an Easter Block set and use it to retell the story of Easter. As an alternative, pictures can be wrapped and glued (or taped) around a cardboard tube or small water bottle to stand up.
Resurrection Coloring Set (emailed Weds. April 1)
*To be colored as interested using crayons, markers,              watercolor or colored pencils.
* Details explained further in link above. 

Day 2 Activity.... Make a Spring mural to tell about what Jesus loves. Students will cut and assemble a flower and on each petal will tell something they do that Jesus loves. For ex: Jesus loves when I eat healthy foods. Simple details are in the link above.
* A flower can be made for each family member or you can            make a Family Flower and share the petals. :) 

Day 3 Activity.... 
Act of Service

Parents: This section will be added. This aspect of my page was completely lost when published. Will add ASAP.

Our Science & Social Studies Focus…. Let’s go to the Zoo!   

 (Scroll to Day 11 The Wallaby)

Parents: Here is another cool tour of our very own Cape May County Zoo. Ask your child any or all of the following questions, plus any of your own.  J

1. What animal was discussed? (Wallabies)

2. Are Wallabies similar to Kangaroos? (Yes, they both have a pouch to carry their babies in.)

3. Do wallabies like to be alone? (Yes, but if they are in a group it is called a Mob.)

4. Where are wallabies from? (Australia, in the forests.)

5. When are they most active? (Dawn or Morning and Dusk or Evening)

6. Can they move their ears a lot? (Yes! Almost all the way backward.)

7. Can you name one food that wallabies like to eat? (Peanuts, bananas, and leaves are all great answers!)

8. Are Wallabys bigger or smaller than Kangaroos? (Much much smaller.)

9. Do Wallabies have long or short tails? (They are pretty long!)

10. Can they run fast? (Yes! Some can run as fast as 25 Miles Per Hour. That’s very fast!)


An interesting fact that was not mentioned in the video: Wallabies, along with most other marsupials regulate their body temperature on hot days by licking their forearms. This helps keep them cool if they get too hot.


Challenge: Find something you can use as a pouch and put a stuffie in it! It could even be your shirt. Pretend to be a mommy wallaby. Don’t forget to hop and have fun!  😊

Spanish Focus….. Count & Identify Animals in Spanish

*I added another link which teaches the Spanish names of animals.

Math Focus…. “O” is for OVAL shape of Easter Eggs J

Same & Different Doughnut Game

Skill Sheets (emailed Weds. April 1)   Only one needs to be completed, but all may be done. Number Order, Sorting, Tracing, Counting, Addition


Our Letter Focus....  Mystery Box Letter O

If you haven’t already, make your own Mystery Box to use as you find your “O” items this week. You can use a shoebox or small shipping box. Practice your scissor skills and cut up construction paper to glue on the box to make it colorful. Add stickers and/or cut out pictures from magazines to decorate.

Letter "O" Find & Color Skill Sheet (emailed April 2nd)

Search for any items in or around your home that begin with the letter “O”. Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew can help. too! :) 

Ask an adult to write or help you write down your list of “O” words and choose your favorite one for your “I Can Read” sentence.

“O” is for Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew


Our Writing Focus....

Oo is for Octopus Skill sheet (emailed Weds. April 1)

Practice shape and sounds of the letter “O’

Interactive Games 

*Below are links to different levels of a fun and educational memory matching game with letters and sounds.

Writing Wizard is OUTSTANDING for practice in letter formation if you are able to download onto a device for your child.


Our Online Story Focus….  Octopus Opposites


Little Owl’s Night


Our Song Focus…. Over in the Meadow

Miss Molly Letter O

 * Miss Molly songs are very helpful in settling down to rest. J


I hope you enjoy a wonderful day of learning together!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at or 609 425-1144


 "We are Building the Best with Kindness and Compassion."