PreK 4


Welcome to PreK 4:)

*Did your child get his/her flu shot, yet?

Please check out the additional REMINDERS below. :)

Prayer service Friday 10:00. All are welcome!
Please send food in on Friday for the food drive to benefit Holy Redeemer. 

December 3-7, 2018
St. Nicholas Day is Thursday, Dec.6th

This week in PreK4 we are learning all about ADVENT... 
and the true meaning of the celebration of CHRISTmas.

Our color this week is still green, like the Evergreen trees we use for Christmas. Ask your child what makes them so special. Which colors of paint and play-doh did we blend to make this Secondary color?

Our Letter of the Week is E. I have a feeling our Christmas ELF will be making an appearance soon! When we begin to look and listen the letters and words seem to pop up everywhere! Please encourage the search. They love playing "I spy..." and you can play it anywhere! 

SHOW & SHARE:  Generally, this will take place on Thursdays & Fridays. Although, if your child is absent or super excited about sharing something extra-special, we will try to squeeze it in on another day. This week we are sharing something beginning with E or the color GREEN.

Challenge your child (and yourself;) to find both characteristics in one!  Every day, I am learning and loving how many creative thinkers we have in PreK4. It's truly wonderful to see! 

SHOW & SHARE is a great way to encourage early creative writing skills. By describing the item using clues and characteristics, ("It is something that is enormous, with huge ears, and lives in Africa, but we can visit at a zoo") students are using adjectives and descriptive words to tell about their treasure. Eventually, this story-telling will develop into story-writing. :)

*All of PK4 has met with their Prayer Partners. Most are very excited about the idea. It's like a celebrity sighting when a Prayer Partner is spotted in the hallway or the cafeteria. :) However, some are still hesitant about the idea of interacting with the "big kids", and that's OK! Hopefully, with each new activity, they wil become more comfortable and involved. But, for now, please assure your child that he/she can have as little or as much interaction as they are comfortable with. 


*ACME & ShopRite gift cards are available in the office.
*Be sure your child receives his/her FLU Vaccination.
*Please send in your family picture and an individual
if you haven't already. Thank you! 

A snack and/or lunch may be purchased each day.
The menu is posted on the main page. If possible,
please send in exact amount, otherwise change will
be sent home in take home folder.

Lunch   $3.75
Snack   $0.50

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at