PreK 2-3 Ms. Velez

Welcome to PreK 2-3! :)

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Good Morning!
Today is Friday, April 3, 2020

Theme: Let's Move!


f-d dance

Tonight would have been the Father Daughter Dance! Dress up and dance around the living room with dad, take pictures and send them to school and they can be put on the Facebook page!

Language Arts

Focus on letter Jj
Capital J – Lowercase j


Let’s go on an adventure with Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew to bring back the Jumping Jelly beans from the Land of the J’s. Click here.


  • Help the little bunny get to his carrots by following the letter Jj path: Letter J Bunny Hop Game

    (To create profile visit code: SCHOOL5754

Letter J puzzles:

Jacket puzzle 
Jack O’ Lantern puzzle 
Letter J



Calendar time: Month and days of the week. You can practice calendar hereWhat months begin with the letter J? (January, June, July)

Numbers: count 1-25 in English, 1-15 in Spanish. Here's a video to practice your numbers in Spanish!

This week it’s going to be all about Movement!


Listen to the story Five Little Monkeys! I’m sure you all know this one already... How many monkeys are in the story? What are the monkeys doing?

There are 5 monkeys and they're jumping on the bed; jumping starts with j! :)


  • Color, cut and glue the monkeys on the bed. How many monkeys can you count? Click here to print out the picture.
  • Help Curious George jump to collect balls at the toy store: Monkey Jump

  • Help Peg the Bold and Brave Sir Cat collect all the jewelsMagical Jewel Shape Hunt



Did you know that rabbits are fast runners and they hop high?

From how they grow to where they hop, bunnies are the best! Watch the video Rabbit Roundup to learn more about them.



J is for Jesus Loves Me!

Palm Sunday video: The Triumphal Entry

Sing along: Jesus Loves Me

Parents: on this blog you can find different activities to do with the kids during Holy Week.

Thank you everyone for joining our zoom meeting, it was great seeing you all yesterday! :) Enjoy your weekend!

Have Fun Learning!