PreK 2.5

Welcome to PreK 2.5!

Ms. Barb

Come celebrate with us!
Book Cook Apples & Leaves Celebration
Sept. 27th - 10 am

All are welcome!

Family Pictures - Please don't forget a family picture if you haven't brought it in as of today.

We will send home paper, so if you could have them put stickers, family pictures, names and color the paper, both sides are fine to make them their own.

I will get them laminated and that will be their placemat for snack and lunch. (Names please on both sides)

        A Peek at September and October

 Religion  -  At lunch time we are learning the sign of the cross and the prayer "We are thankful for our food."

Circle time -  We are learning about our friends.

Celebrating leaves and apples for Autumn through stories, songs and rhymes. In October, we will have fun with pumpkins.

Math -  Shapes of hearts and circles

Rhyme / Songs 

- Five Little Leaves
-One Little Piggy Went to the Market.
-Peek -A-Boo Caterpiller
-Where Is Squirrel ?

Picture Day is October 30th for all Pre-K;
Forms were sent home.

Mercy Day is Monday, September 24th

Come Celebrate September 27th with PreK 2.5  
Book Cook Apples and Leaves Celebration  
at 10 am - All are Welcome !!

October 5th Early Dismissal - PreK Dismissal at 11:30 am

School is Open Columbus Day, Monday October 8th 

 I am so excited for this new school year!

For Your Information

If you have not already done so, please send in your child's change of clothes. Please put them in a bag with their name on it. 

Please make sure your child brings in a water cup every day with the name on it. 

Please make sure that all of your child's belongings are labeled.

Your child can purchase hot lunch and or snack every day. The lunch menu is posted on the main page.

Lunch costs $ 3.75
Snack costs $  0.50