Small Group Instruction

As we begin our small group instruction program, I wanted to share some additional details, including the rationale behind the program and how it will be structured.


First... Why Small Group Instruction?   

With small group instruction, students recommended by the classroom teacher benefit from exposure to multiple teachers and opportunities for learning. Small group instruction is a way to differentiate instruction to more effectively meet the needs of students.  It allows us to provide enrichment, but more commonly, remediation and support, for those needing a little extra help.  


Why Now?  

Small Group Instruction is most effectively formulated after careful observation and evaluation of student strengths and weaknesses. After analyzing the data from the first two marking periods, it gives teachers a strong sense of who may benefit from extra support.


What Are Some of the Benefits of this Program? 

Our goal, administratively and school wide, is to move students toward independence in their literacy studies. 

Our goal is also to minimize the need for students needing after school tutoring.  

Importantly, with small group instruction, that extra support is provided right within the school day.  Our goal is for students to not miss literacy instruction in their classrooms. They are worked with right within the classroom, or if needed pulled out for instruction after the mini-lesson (or introductory piece) to work on the assignment for the full class. 


How Will We Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Program? 

Each student will work on/ receive support on the specific areas of weakness to address in relation to the lesson. This primarily focuses on the cognitive learning aspect, but if there is a need also for behavioral or affective learning within the language arts, we will address it. Students will be evaluated regularly, throughout, to ensure that they are making progress.


What is the Time Span of the Program?  

This program will continue for the duration of the 2017-18 school year, since we have the ability to offer it within our current budget/ ESSA funding. We look forward to seeing the progress that our students will make in literacy, and will continue to keep you updated.