Mrs. Laricks

                           February 13-17,2017


                    Homework is subject to change. 
          Please check back after 3 pm EACH day.


*This week we will focus on our guided reading groups/lit. circles.
* We will also continue our poetry unit with a focus on the poetic forms of narrative poems, limericks and ballads, as well as the devices of onomatopoeia, alliteration, consonance, and irony.
* Our quote of the month is related to Black History month an is due on Tuesday, February 28th.

MONDAY: GRG Novel Reading Check Today
TUESDAY: Wonder pages 151-157
                      Walk Two Moons Chapters 29 &30 (p 180-197)

WEDNESDAY: Complete Reading Journal and read
                              Wonder pages 158-173
                              Walk Two Moons Chapters 31 & 32

THURSDAY: GRG Reading Check Quiz Today
                          Study for Poetry Test next Wednesday

FRIDAY: Poetry Unit Test Next Wednesday
                   Wonder pages
                   Walk Two Moons pages


* We are focusing on Unit 6 Vocabulary. Test is Wednesday. We are also focusing on spelling words tat end in --ary. Spelling Test is Friday.

MONDAY: Complete Spelling Crossword Puzzle
TUESDAY: Complete 2 online vocab. quizzes for Unit 6 and email me
WEDNESDAY: Unit 6 Vocabulary Test Today
THURSDAY: Creative Spelling Due Today
FRIDAY: Spelling Test Today

Exercises in English
* We will continue to study verbs, focusing on transitive, intransitive and linking verbs.
* We will also focus on punctuation-- how to use periods and commas.
* We will continue our Research Paper Process this week, focusing on how to properly format bibliography cards, a thesis statement and note cards.

TUESDAY: Study for verb quiz
WEDNESDAY: Verb Quiz Today
                              Grammar pages 128 & 129
THURSDAY: Grammar pages 130 & 131
FRIDAY: Grammar page 133 Due Wednesday


We will continue our study of the Revolutionary War. This week we will identify and discuss the reasons why rebellion turned to revolution  We will also read and analyze The Declaration of Independence.

MONDAY: Study for Test on Wednesday
WEDNESDAY: Chapter 6 Test Today-- Chapter Packets Due--complete exercises and attach vocab.
THURSDAY: Complete Chapter 7, Section 1 Vocab
FRIDAY: ​Read Chapter 7, Section 1 for Wednesday