Mrs. Laricks

                             March 27-31,2017


                    Homework is subject to change. 
          Please check back after 3 pm EACH day.


*This week we will continue reading our class novel, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.
* Since March is National Reading Month, our topic for Quote of the Month is to choose your favorite Dr. Seuss quote. It is due THIS FRIDAY March 31st.
* Students have been assigned GRG novels. Schedule for this Friday's discussion group:
          Walk Two Moons -- Chapters 9-11
pages 51-75

MONDAY: Complete Character Relationship Worksheet
TUESDAY: Read GRG Novel for Friday
WEDNESDAY: Complete Exposition Worksheet
THURSDAY: Quote of the Month Due Tomorrow
                          GRG Reading Check Tomorrow
FRIDAY: Read GRG Novel


* We will focus on Unit 8 Vocabulary Terms
* Test is Friday

MONDAY: All Unit 8 Vocabulary Exercises Due Thursday
WEDNESDAY: Unit 8 Vocabulary Exercises Due Tomorrow
THURSDAY: Complete 2 online vocab. quizzes for Unit 8 and email me results--
FRIDAY: Unit 8 Vocabulary Test Today

Exercises in English
* We will  focus on subject-verb agreement.
* We will continue our Research Paper Process this week, focusing on writing our introductions and first body paragraphs.
* We will continue our creative writing with a focus on pattern poetry-- the Letter Poem.
*  We will complete an expository writing assignment on the Civil Rights Movement.

MONDAY: Letter Poem Due Tomorrow
TUESDAY: Letter Poem Due Today
                  Work on Civil Rights Essay-- Due Thursday
WEDNESDAY: Letter Poem Due Today
                              Grammar page 71
THURSDAY: Civil Rights Essay Due Today
FRIDAY: Finish introduction and first body paragraph of   
                   research paper for Tuesday.



We will finish our study of the Revolutionary War with a test on Monday. This week we will focus on why the states joined together to from a new government. We will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. We will also discuss the Northwest Territory and its importance to US expansion.

MONDAY:  Posters Due Today 
                       Chapter 7 Test Today (Chapter Packets Due)

TUESDAY: Map Quizzes Due Tomorrow
                      Read Chapter 8, Section 1 and define vocab.

WEDNESDAY: Chapter 8, Section 1 Quiz Tomorrow
THURSDAY: Section 1 Quiz Today
                          Read Section 2 and define vocab.
FRIDAY: ​Read Section 3 and define vocab. for Wednesday