Preschool Introduction
Preschool Curriculum
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“A child’s best learning tools are his or her head, hands, and heart. Children examine the world around themselves, discover the world inside themselves, and master new skills that are the building blocks for their future. Bishop McHugh prepares students starting at age 2 for a lifetime of learning.”  Principal Tom McGuire

Parents seeking a nurturing environment for their child's first formal educational experience are invited to see all that Bishop McHugh offers. Classes are grouped by developmental age and ability. The multi-tiered program builds toward the best possible preparation for kindergarten, encouraging students to reach their full potential in a wonderfully supportive environment. Following are highlights of the program. 

- An evolving curriculum based on the latest research in child development and learning.
- "Reading" and "writing" skills via the Daily 5, a literacy program that encourages students to interact with books and share stories
- Math, science, art and social studies projects and centers where students may explore their world via a variety of hands-on activities
- Technology via iPad Minis and SmartBoard instruction
- Movement and play on a daily basis
- Young Active Minds/ Gross Motor Development (Sensory) Room
- Daily prayers and stories of God's love, holiday activities and celebrations
- Project-based learning that incorporates all aspects of the curriculum
- Life skills and independence (including potty training for our youngest groups)
- Academic preparation for kindergarten
- Prayer Partners for our oldest students

The Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards (2014) form the basis for the Little Storm curriculum. Progress is communicated to parents in a variety of ways, for example, apps, backpacks, etc.