General Music & Chorus



In Medieval times, music was about the Church and Gregorian Chant.  We talked about plainchant and how it eventually became more ornate and how opera, solo instruments, and consorts (groups of like instruments) became popular.  Musicians “showed off” playing concerti and composers began writing sonatas.  What started as songs with NO ACCOMPANIMENT (no organ or piano) changed (Baroque and Renaissance Period etc.) Today, in some churches there are guitars, horns, trumpets, drums, keyboards, organs etc. All of these instruments evolved over time and the music that is played today whether in church, a theater, concert or on the radio has also evolved. During the next two weeks, review (or look up) all the facts we have covered about Early Music History.  Any source will have the facts, probably with different graphics and pictures. The facts won’t change. This will include the Medieval, Baroque, and Renaissance Periods**. Create a picture that shows how early musical instruments led the way to what we have available in our current times.  The picture can be drawn, made from magazine photos, or some other medium.  Make it colorful ! **  Review all the instruments from the early periods before attempting this assignment. This assignment can be photographed and emailed to me at   (be sure I can see it)  and then brought to class when school resumes, or dropped off at the school by your parents by March 27.


In our last class we discussed waves, sound, sound waves, pitch, and the parts of the ear.  We spent a bit of time talking about the oscilloscope and the higher the pitch the shorter the wave. Think about this. Create a poster that shows the cochlea (shell shaped) and ear canal. For extra points, draw your vision of a sound wave and what it would look like if the sound came from a fog horn, flute, or the music from the JAWS theme opening.

You can review by selecting anatomy of the ear online.  Some good sources are:  (anatomy of the ear);;;

Your poster is due by MARCH 27.  If possible, take a snapshot and email to:

I will also want the “original” brought to school when we reopen.     SEVENTH & EIGHTH GRADE

We have just finished watching MUSIC OF THE HEART that showcases how in the late ‘90s, a single mom went to live in East Harlem with the idea that she could teach any child to play the violin.  Roberta Guaspari succeeded and changed many lives.  She experienced the result of school budget cuts, gun violence, divorce, marital discord, abuse, bullying, discrimination and still found a way to be kind and compassionate

Take the next week and think about music since the late 90s. Listen to all kinds of music. Find a musician, performer, or actor who made or is making a difference in a very positive way. This doesn’t mean the person simply donates huge amounts of money to fund some cause. This should be a musician, performer, or actor who literally is “involved”. 

Write an 8 sentence essay why this person can be considered to be like Roberta. Your writing should explain HOW this person is making a positive impact on others while being kind and compassionate. 

This assignment should be emailed me no later than March 27.