Art & P.E.

Art & P.E.
Mrs. Barry​

Welcome! I'm the Art and P.E. teacher for Bishop McHugh.

 To quote Picasso, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he or she grows up."

Art and Nature Walks for grades K-8th

Students will keep an art journal of the plants and animals they see on their walks. Students will attempt to identify their plants and animals through books and the internet. Students are encouraged to take pictures of their subjects (especially if they are moving), to help with the identification.

Students in each grade level who have the most drawings in their journals will win a prize.

Journals will be due on the day school resumes.

If you want help, or advice, please send me a picture and your concern. If you want to share your work, I would love to see it!

Additional plans:

K-3rd grades:
Students will work on creating snails by drawing and coloring spirals.    
Directions for drawing:
Draw a large circle in the center of the paper. Begin the spiral on the bottom of the circle roll inward and around, making smaller and smaller circles. Divide the shell into different pieces. Add designs into some of the pieces. Color each piece using different colors. You can add a snail head to the bottom.

4th - 8th grades: Expanded Images
Each student is to select a photo from a magazine, or the internet. Example: a car photo is fun to add a street, other cars and trucks, a building etc. Cut out the image and glue it onto the drawing paper. Place it off center so there is room for the expanded drawing. This image is the start of the drawing. Draw into the empty spaces to complete the composition, and color using bright colors.