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the home of 7th & 8th grade LA, 
8th grade Religion, and 

the Rising class of 2017!

Religion 8- Morality &
Confirmation Prep

Seven Deadly Sins Slideshow
due May 23

Confirmation Update-
May 18   Confirmation for St Joseph, Our Lady of the Angels, St Brendan the Navigator
at Our Lady of the Angels at 5:00 (Students report by 4:00)

Practice at 7:00 PM on May 17 at OLA

Reading 8A (A Team)  & Reading 8P (Power Rangers)  

Holocaust Unit-
Night by Elie Wiesel
Finish book
Review packet and Test due May 17  (A Team)
Review packet due and Test- May 19 (Power Rangers)

"In Group" reading & response due  May 23

Vocab/Spelling-   Unit 12 online quizzes due May 15.
                             Unit 12 quiz on May 15
                             Unit 10-12 online review test by May 23
Memory Book-
Complete Memory Book-
  Song due June 2
                                     Poem/Journal Grades 6-7 due May 19
                                     Journal Grade 8 due May 23
                                     Diamante due May 31
                                     Grad Speech due June 1
Reading 7
Read The Outsiders by SE Hinton
Chapter 1-4 quiz- May 17
Complete Identity Journal due May 23
Character Bio Poem due May 23

Work on Character- This Is Your Life project

Poetry Slam-
"Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost
due May 15

Unit 6 quiz & online quizzes due May 15
Unit 4-6 vocab work due May 23
Unit 4-6 online quizzes and quiz due May 23
Quote of the Month-  Special secret assignment due June 1
NewsELA Requirements
Grade 8- Read article and complete quiz each week.
Grade 7- Read article and complete quiz each week.

Writing 8P & 8A
- Use of Participles

Participle review page due May 15
Dangling participles page due May 17
Exercise Bank due May 23  (A Team)
Verbal Test May 23 (A Team)
Infinitives Packet due May 23 (Power Rangers)

Memory Book  Grade  3-5 piece due May 12
                                                Grade 6-7 due May 19
                                                Grade 8    due May 23
                                    Diamante due May 30
                                    Grad speech due June 1
                                     Song due June 2

Memory Book due June 5

Writing 7P & 7A    

Narrative Writing-

Picture Prompt-
Draft of body paragraphs of picture prompt
by May 19
Picture Prompt due May 24

Grammar 7P & 7A-
Introduce Verbals.
Complete Gerund as Subjects p. 76 by May 15 (7A packet)
Complete Gerund as PN p. 77 by May 16
Complete Gerund as App p. 79 by May 17
Complete Gerund as Objects by May 22
Complete Gerund quiz May 23.

All students should read for at least 20 minutes a night.



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