Mrs. B

Mrs. B's Classes...

Math 8, Algebra I, Physical Science 8, Life Science 7, and Earth Science 6.

Homework will be found on this page. It is subject to changes periodically, because of schedule changes.

           All students have their username and password for Big Ideas Math.  



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This year, students will create a STREAM project in place of a science fair project.     www.billnye's .com  


Physical Education/ Health Curriculum Update

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Week of  May 22 - 26,  2017

Science - 7

Mon. - Text page 115 # 1-6, Study Quiz Tuesday
-  Punnett Squares

Wednesday - No Class 

Thursday - Ascension Thursday

Friday  - Enjoy Your weekend!!!

Science - 8

Mon. - Art

Tuesday -  Chapter Test  Study Chemical Bonds and Compounds
Wednesday - Enjoy NYC

Thursday  - Ascension Thursday

Friday -  Enjoy your weekend

 Algebra I

Mon.- Text page  424 Activity 1a

Tuesday - Text page 42Activity 2&3

Wed. - Enjoy NYC

Thurs -  Ascension Thursday
Fri.- Enjoy your weekend

Math 8

Mon. - Text pages 178 all - Study Chapter Test 

Tuesday - Standardized test  text page 179
Wed.- Enjoy NYC

Thursday - Ascension Thursday

Fri.- Enjoy your weekend!

Earth Science - 6

Monday - Quiz today

Tuesday - No Class

Wednesday -

Thursday - Ascension Thursday

Friday - Enjoy Your Weekend