5th Grade Homeroom, Religion & Soc. St., and 4th-5th Math/Science: Mrs. Moore

Shoot for Your GOALS
Shoot for Your GOALS!!

My email: lmoore@bishopmchugh.com
or call me at school 609-624-1900

5th grade will have PE on Monday, Art on Tuesday, Spanish on Wednesday
, Music on Thursday, and  Technology on Friday

Instrumental Music Students:
Please include in your daily home school work, time to practice your instrument.
Use your lesson book Essential Elements.  Download the student code in the back/front of the book and use  online lessons.  You can play along with  the songs like we do in class too.  
There is a practice chart in the front of your book.  I would like you to keep a record of your practice time, what you practiced, and a parent initial. 
Thank you!
Mrs. Kosturko


Good morning class! 
Week 3 March 30- April 3

5th grade Religion: Follow the Lent Calendar week 5 (open the link on Google Classroom).Pray the Rosary with the Fourth Sorrowful Mystery.  Turn in 4 journal entries, please make sure they are typed and each one is a paragraph long.
Have each journal entry title. If you are using a song please include the title of the song, and if you are reading from the Bible please include the chapter and verse. All work is due on Friday April 3rd.

5th grade Math: Chapter 8 
Monday: Zoom class 9:00 the information is on your google classroom page. My Math page: 569-572.  Only turn in the work from your google classroom assignment, due by the end of the day.

Tuesday: Check My Progress from your Google Classroom assignment turn in by the end of the day.

WednesdayZoom class 9:00. My Math page: 577-580. Only turn in the work from your google classroom assignment.

Thursday: Zoom 9:00 My Math page:583-586.  Only turn in the work from your google classroom assignment.

 5th grade Science:  Please finish up your Mini Science Fair project.
Tuesday March 31 and Thursday April 2nd Zoom class 11:30  Those who are scheduled will present (All students must attend both classes). 

5th grade Social Studies: The History of Lent. Watch the videos I have downloaded on your google classroom. You are to find more information on your own and type a one page report about what you have discovered about the history of Lent.  This is due on Friday April 3rd. 

Welcome to the 4th grade 
Math and Science page.

4th grade Science: Zoom Meeting today 3/30 at 10:00 a.m. the link is on your google classroom page 
Topic for meeting: Show Off your Animal Project! 

4th grade Math:Chapter 11
Monday: Google Classroom assignment Chapter 11 lesson 8. Watch the video and turn in the worksheet by the end of the day. 

Tuesday: Zoom class 10:00 the link is on your Google Classroom. Lesson 9 page:749-756.  Only turn in the assignment from today's Google Classroom by the end of the day.

Wednesday:Zoom class 10:00 lesson 10 page: 755-758.  Turn in your work from the google classroom assignment by the end of the day.

Thursday:Zoom class 10:00 Review Chapter 11 page:761-763.