Grade 4

     Spring is in the Air!! 
     Fourth Grade Homeroom, Language Arts, and Social Studies!!

    "The simplest way to make sure that we raise literate children is to show them that reading is a pleasurable activity. And that means finding books that they enjoy, giving them access to those books, and letting them read them."

                                                - Neil Gaiman

    Please view the Friday Take Home Folder and return the folder with signed tests on Monday!!

    Week of Feb. 21st - Feb. 24th 

    Casino Night on Saturday!! 

    LA Homework

    In Language Arts, we continue to enjoy our Daily 5 Stations. We are focusing on our guided reading groups now that our novel is over. The next Book Project will be a Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Mystery!! It is due in March 24th. 10 Early Bird points if it is turned in by the end of February. 5 Early Bird points if it is turned in before the due date!!  We have begun a new process writing, a literary response of The One and Only Ivan. 
     Storytown Link   

    2/20 - 
    2/21 - Spelling Worksheet & Sadlier page 103
    2/22 - Sadlier page 104 & Study Sadlier Unit 10 

    2/23  - Sadlier Unit 10 Tet 
    Study Spelling Lesson # 12

    2/24  - Spelling Test Lesson # 12

    Social Studies 

    We had a great time in the Southeast and the alligators survived!! This week we will review for the Lesson 6 Test.

    Use this link to study:


     2/21 - Study Lesson 6 (1-3)

      2/22 - Study Lesson 6 (4-6)

       2/23- Study Lesson 6 (7-9)

       2/24 - Lesson 6 Test