Grade 1

** 02/13/17 Weekly reminders:** 

- Students are now writing their spelling words in their agendas (no popcorn words)! If there are any problems, please let me know.

- Friday is a half of day. Students will not to bring their book bags as we have STEM presentations planned!   

Spelling Words: hand, wig, little, wiggle, handle, single, turn, girl, by, room

MONDAY: 02/13/17

TUESDAY: 02/14/17
Spelling: ABC Order

WEDNESDAY: 02/15/17
Spelling: Short Sentences

THURSDAY: 02/09/17
Spelling: Fill in the blank
Math: Test! 

Language Arts:
 Our pattern for the week is -le. Students will work on finding the root word and adding -le to make new words. We will also work on words with double consonants. Guided reading and Daily 5 will continue through the week. 

Students will work through lessons in chapter 4 and be tested for understanding. 

Students will be studying humans by identifying major body parts and their functions. We will learn about how people use their body parts to discover the world. 

Social Studies: 
We will be studying what school was like long ago! Please share some stories about how things were different when you were in school with your students. If you can, please bring in pictures (or email them to me) to show in class. These can be from the internet - e.g. I am showing students what an overhead projector looked like! Thank you! 

First Grade Specials:
Tuesday: SPANISH

Spring smileys