Pre-K 4

Pre-K 4 Specials:
Gym: Monday
Library: Monday
Spanish: Tuesday  
Art: Wednesday

Music: Thursday  


Our Week Outlook
Week of March 27, 2017
Letter of the week: Jj
Alpha friends: Jumping Jill

Language Arts: Students will focus on the sound and shape of letter Jj, and identify words with Jj at the beginning. We will read theme book Growing up Healthy and The Gigantic Turnip.


Math: Students will demonstrate adding and taking away objects and practice counting.  


Religion: Students will discuss our friendship with God and all of our friends. We will learn how we can prayer with our friends.


Show and Share: On Wednesday, bring something in that starts with the letter Jj.


Science: We will discuss the life cycle of animals.


Social Studies: We will explore where butterflies live and the different patterns each butterfly has.



-Last chance to buy your Daddy/Daughter dance tickets for this Friday, March 30th.


-Buy Sound of the Music tickets or an Ad space for the e-program.


-Easter Egg Hunt Party on April 6th at 10:30.

 Re-Registration Reminder: Registration is open for the 2017-2018 school year. Please register your student by March 31, 2017 to ensure a place in next year's class. Thank you!


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