New Student Registration
Our registration process allows us to identify the educational needs of your child/ children. We look forward to creating an educational partnership with you for the years to come.

Step 1 – Inquire.

Contact Tom McGuire at 624-1900 or 

Step 2 – Plan your visit.

The first visit is a tour of the school, followed by an opportunity to meet with the principal.

Step 3 – Meet with the principal.

Tom McGuire, school principal, will answer any questions that you have about curriculum and programs, while having the opportunity to ask questions as well. We use all relevant and available data to make a thoughtful and thorough placement decision that will be in the best interest of your child and his/her needs.

Step 4 – Completion of the New Student Registration Forms below.

2016-17 Registration Form.pdf
Important Notice for Parents.pdf
Financial Obligation.pdf
Bus Form.pdf
Release of Records.pdf
​​​​​​Universal Health Form.pdf
Family Business Directory.pdf​​