Lay Advisory Board
Meet our Lay Advisory Board, a group of professionals from the four Parishes affiliated with the school. The volunteer board meets monthly to advise the school on matters ranging from recruitment and community outreach to student programs, grants and funding opportunities, technology, and more.  

This school year, the Lay Advisory will be embarking on a long-term strategic plan, Vision 2020, that will set the standard for education at Bishop McHugh in the year 2020. Minutes from our meetings are posted below. 

lay advisory 2016
Pictured left to right are the Bishop McHugh Regional Catholic School Lay Advisory Board Members Mike Klein; Danielle Fox, president; Eric Reich; Julie Grimes, secretary; Martin Radzieta, vice president; Kate Klemick; and Jeanette Powers.

Lay Advisory Board Meeting Minutes October 2016
Lay Advisory Board Meeting Minutes November 2016
Lay Advisory Board Meeting Minutes March 2017